Recover Like a Pro: Fast Track Your Post-Race Recovery

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It’s race weekend and you’re super excited…
You need to take good care of your body over the next few days so that you can rock the next race!
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  • - Feel good on Monday morning

  • - Be ready for your recovery run

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Real Life Results


My client, Diane, has been training for marathons with me for a couple of years now. When we first started together, she had run a marathon the year before, and wanted help improving her plan. After completing my training program, she ran the same marathon, and shaved an entire HOUR off her time from the year before, finishing 3rd in her age group!


What was the secret? 🤫 


Adequate recovery post-race AND recovery built into her training plan!

It’s easy to feel good after your race


Make your recovery part of your post-race training plan


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